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Paul Rudd is much more than The Antman Find Out Why

Paul Rudd is much more than The Antman Find Out Why

Fans may know Paul Rudd as Ant-Man, one of the newest members of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. But the actor has been a Hollywood mainstay for half his life. Rudd has proven he can take on any part, serious or goofy. Here are some things you might not have known about the star:

1. Paul Rudd is actually Paul Rudnitzky: Both of his parents were descendants of Jewish immigrants who moved to England from Russia and Poland. Rudd’s last name was actually Rudnitzky, but it was changed by his grandfather.

2. His parents are second cousins: He learned that his parents were actually second cousins. Rudd responded to the discovery in typical comedic fashion: “Which explains why I have six nipples.”

3. He loved comic books as a kid: Moreover, He used to read Archie Comics and other funny stories. He also read about Marvel.

4. Rudd wanted to play Christian in Clueless: Clueless would have been a completely different movie if Rudd had been cast as the suave Christian.

5. His role model is Paul Newman: In a 2008 interview for Role Models, Rudd was asked about his real-life role model. He answered Paul Newman, saying he admired the legendary actor because he gave a lot to the world before leaving it.

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