Home TIS EXCLUSIVES Is Zayn Malik latest album ‘Icarus Falls’ hitting new records? find more below!

Is Zayn Malik latest album ‘Icarus Falls’ hitting new records? find more below!

Is Zayn Malik latest album ‘Icarus Falls’ hitting new records? find more below!

Zayn continues the album’s promotion with the launch of the sixteenth track on the album, Sour Diesel. It follows other singles like Stand Stilland Satisfaction. Zayn Malik promoted Sour Diesel through the release of its music video on Thursday, 18 April 2019. English-born pop artist has taken this song off his 2018 sophomore album, Icarus Falls. This is a completely different vibe that lends itself more to old school Funk than his usual style.

ZAYN has returned with 27-song album Icarus Fall, just beating Drake’s astonishing 25 tracks in Scorpion. With the album’s singles demonstrating variety beyond the usual melancholic, instrumental-driven love songs.

Sour Diesel is basically a retro, pop song. Zayn Malik’s distinct falsetto voice can be heard over an electric guitar solo, which is reminiscent of the late pop icon, Prince. The song is about his obsessive love for what he describes as a dangerous, but beautiful woman. The accompanying visuals provide a narrative-driven story about the woman he writes about, who saves him from the antagonist in the video.

Fans couldn’t help but fall in love with ZAYN’s choice for his album name Icarus Falls. It is just so unique. The music video currently sits on over 2 million views on YouTube since its release.

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