GOT ALERT: Will Tyrion Lannister Die? Here’s The Theory Behind This

Tyrion Lannister

Game of Thrones Season 8 has only 3 episodes remaining. But major cast members are still alive. They all under the radar of getting killed at any moment now. Emilia Clarke aka Mother of Dragons revealed in an interview that episode 5 wok be a big one. Fans suggest that there is Tyrion Lannister on the hit list of getting killed soon. A new theory suggests that Tyrion may die and we may already know how he dies.

Back in King’s Landing, Bronn is approached by Qyburn, Cersei’s Hand of the Queen. Qyburn is relaying a message from Cersei that she wants him to kill her brothers, Jaime and Tyrion. Oh, and she’d like him to do it with the giant crossbow Qyburn gifts him. It happens to be the same crossbow Tyrion used to kill their father Tywin. Ultimately, the reason fans are so convinced that Bronn is likely to kill at least Tyrion.

GOT has a sneaky pattern you may not have been aware of. On at least eight occasions, characters have died in the exact same fashion that they killed someone else. Examples include Olenna Tyrell, who poisoned Joffrey before being poisoned herself; Ramsey Bolton, who killed his stepmother and brother with his dogs, then was eaten by them; and Ned Stark, who beheads a member of the Night’s Watch, and is subsequently beheaded.

The only question that remains: will Tyrion suffer the same death-by-crossbow he inflicted on his father, or will he break the wheel of this particular pattern?

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