ALERT: Are ‘Bachelor’ Stars Colton and Cassie Dating Each Other?


“Bachelor” stars Cassie Randolph and Colton Underwood are going strong! “Extra” caught up with the couple in NYC. Furthermore, there, they were promoting “The Bachelor” stretching to Tubi. They responded to Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner’s amazing wedding in Las Vegas. Moreover, they opened up about their own relationship.

Cassie shared, “Congratulations to them.” Colton added, “Good for them to just go about it and do it… Do what makes you happy.” Would Colton and Cassie consider doing the same? Colton left it open, saying, “We might, you never know.” Cassie explained, “We wing it.”

They aren’t married yet. However, they are dating with a purpose. Colton said, “We are dating for the intent of getting engaged and getting married one day.” For now, he’s done defending the fact that they aren’t engaged, saying, “That’s one thing that early on I made that mistake of saying, ‘Oh, but we will get engaged one day.’”

Cassie agreed, “There is no timeline or anything… We definitely talk about it.”

For now, the couple is looking in the present. Colton said, “It’s been tough adjusting to this new normal. We’ll figure out if it slows down or not we’re just trying to and manage our time with each and our families.” Cassie said, “We have a lot going on.”


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