Will we see Hannah Baker Again In ’13 Reasons Why’ Season 3?


It’s been two years Netflix’s controversial and famous hit drama 13 Reasons Why hit the screens. The series is originally based on a young adult novel by Jay Asher. Furthermore, the series is back for a third season. Following previous season’s breathtaking cliffhanger ending, fans are excited to find out what will happen next. They want to know what may happen with Clay Jensen (Dylan Minnette) and his fellow mates at Liberty High School. This all comes after a failed school shooting.

Now we are sure that 13 Reasons Why is coming back for a third season in 2019. However, another main mystery has come to surface to whether Katherine Langford will be back as Hannah Baker or not.

It seems quite certain that the majority of the main crew shall return to set. However, there is one notable exception — Katherine Langford. Furthermore, she played Hannah Baker in the first two seasons. However, she affirmed during an interview on Jimmy Kimmel Live! that her role is “over”.

Furthermore, Langford in a previous interview said that she had left the show. However, her co-stars wish that this isn’t the final goodbye to Hannah Baker’s role in the series.

“I think there’s always a place for her in this show,” said Miles Heizer to Entertainment Tonight. She plays the role of Alex Standall. “It kind of started with her and she plays such a big part.

Justin Prentice plays the character of Bryce Walker. Furthermore, he added: “I love Katherine a lot. I hope if it works for the theme and they could discover a way, that’d be great!”


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