What Led Thanos to his Debacle? Was it a series of Betrayals?


Being the almighty and tenacious, Thanos had a habit to invariably delegate his work to others. His sovereignty was the reason that he had an army of backscratchers following him blindly.No matter how much they feared him, most of them ended up deceiving him.

If we take a trip down the memory lane, Loki emerged as his stooge in the first Avengers movie. Thanos trusted his allegiance and sent him to infringe Earth with a gigantic army.
But our Avengers stood in the way, resulting in not only Loki’s defeat but also him losing one of the Infinity Stones. Soon after in Avengers: Infinity War Thanos was bluffed and deceived by Loki.

Looking up to Guardians of The Galaxy, Thanos started by trusting his very own daughter Gamora. She took one of the Infinity Stones and ended up sweeping it away from him. Furthermore, we see Ronan the Accuser getting on his nerves and slaying his cardinal, The Other. Later on, he also turns out to be a trickery when he took an Infinity Stone to try to destroy Xandar.

Eventually, towards his evident demise, his devoted creation Nebula plays a major role in ending his game.

We all know the reality now. Don’t we?


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