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Did You Know Rihanna Also Has Expertise In Playing Pranks? Here’s A Proof

Did You Know Rihanna Also Has Expertise In Playing Pranks? Here’s A Proof

There’s something we didn’t know about Rihanna! Behind this serious badass face, is a mischievous person who likes to play pranks on other people. Charlize Thereon told in an interview that she engages in playful banter with Rihanna.

Theron said on Wednesday night, “You want to think that your publicist thinks that you’re worth putting out there in the world. It’s hard when your other client is somebody like Rihanna … I always sincerely thought my publicist loved me but then, uh …”

So here’s what happened. On Theron’s birthday, her publicist Amanda Silverman sent her a very nice and appropriate text message that read, “Happiest bday.” Respectable, right? But it turns out, on the singer, actress, and entrepreneur’s birthday, Silverman instead wrote to Rihanna, “To my FAVORITE!!!! I hope you are having a blast.”

Theron knows this for a fact because Rihanna decided to put her text exchange with their shared publicist on a T-shirt (including her reply to Silverman, which read, “I’m putting this email on a T-shirt and sending to Charlize! [laugh-cry emoji]”), which she then gave to Theron.

She momentarily trailed off. Because as it turns out, sharing a publicist with Rihanna can lead to some epic trolling, Theron said on Late Night.

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