3 Amazing Moments of Duchess of Sussex In Suits!

Meghan Markle

Rachel Elizabeth Zane Ross, a legal mastermind in the political drama tv series “Suits”, is a character who has inspired many girls to realize their potentials. She is a hell of badass women who fear nothing and can demolish anyone’s ego in no time. Though Meghan Markle had to bid adieu to the series because of her “In-Laws”, let us list out few pure gold moments of Rachel Ross in this riveting tv series of handsome men and attractive women and lots of legal drama.

1.Season 1 ,episode 09

After being fired for wrongly accused of leaking important information to a rival firm. Later when she was proved innocent and the firm requests her to join again, she did not refuse the offer but added some add-ons to strengthen her position in the firm. Like a 10% raise in salary and full sponsorship to the law school. She proves that she is not an easy-come-easy-go, person.

2.Season 6, episode 05

Rachel Zane does not like to lose and stands firm on her decisions. And she demonstrated this with Leonard Bailey case. She not only talked out her professor to reopen the case but she also saved Bailey’s life who was due for the execution.

3.Season 2, episode 16

Moreover, Fans had been dreaming for this moment. Mike admits not going to Harvard. The whole episode was a satisfying treat to the fans who have yearning for this moment.


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