’13 Reasons Why’ Fans May Get Disappointed After Hearing This News. What Is It?

13 reasons why

Looks like its finally the time to bid farewell to someone special. This special is the protagonist of 13 Reasons Why series. Yes, you guessed it right! Actress Katherine Langford, who plays the role of Hannah won’t be playing it anymore. Furthermore, she broke the news to Entertainment Weekly on Friday.

“For me, we portrayed Hannah’s story so fully in Season 1,” Langford said. Furthermore, she added that her role was basically in torture during Season 2.

“Then being able to officially say goodbye to her—it definitely felt like time. For me, letting Hannah go was in Season 1; Season 2 was for Clay to let her go.” Representatives for Netflix declined to comment on the status of the show’s renewal or cancellation, but confirmed that Langford’s involvement with the series will officially end with Season 2.

Langford made her on-screen debut in 13 Reasons Why, so the series will always be special to her, she said. Looking forward, however, Langford said she’s also excited about what’s yet to come: “Even though the show is so huge, and I’m so thankful to have had the opportunity to play Hannah, it still is just one thing that I’ve done, and since then I feel very grateful to have been a part of Love, Simon, and I have another film, Spontaneous. But I think ultimately, I feel like playing Hannah was such a small part of me that was magnified, and I’m just really excited to, over the next few months or years, show the rest of me.”


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