“13 reason why” Has increased the suicide rates among US youth but why?

13 reasons why

The Netflix’s 13 Reasons Why, portrays the problems with teen suicide. Also it deals with bullying, drunk driving and rape in graphic detail. The series was launched in 2017. A lot of psychologists warned that the show could pose health risks for certain young people. This especially in context of those who have suicidal thoughts.

Further, now, a new study have strongly agreed with the same concerns. The study was funded by the National Institutes of Health. It suggests that these concerns have been justified.
Moreover, researchers at Nationwide Children’s Hospital analysed that the month following the March 2017, the suicide rate has increased by 28% by boys ages 10-17. This, however, the highest rate of the five-year study period in the age group. After 9 months of the series launch, there was an extra release in the same. It increased by 195 deaths by suicide in this age group. This was much more than expected as compared to given historical trends.

Moreover, lead author Dr. Victor Hong “Few believe this type of media exposure will take kids who are not depressed and make them suicidal.” He is the medical director of psychiatric emergency services at the University of Michigan. He added, “The concern is about how this may negatively impact youth. The youth who are already teetering on the edge.”

However, the viewership data has not released by Netflix. Because of this it is quite unclear that how many have watched the show. “This is a critically important topic. We have really worked hard to ensure. And we quite ensured that we handle this sensitive issue responsibly,” a Netflix spokesperson said. This was in response to the latest study.


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