10 Moments You Can Expect From The Umbrella Academy Season 2

The Umbrella Academy

Here are top 10 Things fans are expecting from The Umbrella Academy Season 2:

1. Rogue Lincoln Memorial: It is, without a doubt, the craziest storyline yet involved Abraham Lincoln.

2. Klaus in Vietnam: Klaus serving in Vietnam was largely brushed over, with more focus given to his relationship with Dave.

3. Allison & Luther: Their relationship was probably the closest of all of the Academy, with exception of Ben and Klaus. However, their development was slightly truncated by way the plot accelerated.

4. Ben’s development: Finding out what happened to Ben is one thing. But it doesn’t really tell us all that much about who he is today. He’s clearly got a good connection with Klaus.

5. Ben’s death: Aside from his interactions with Klaus, the only thing the other members mentioned about Ben was his death.

6. More of Reginald: Reginald Hargreeves was clearly not father of the year material. He was a man who clearly went to the same school of teaching and discipline as JK Simmons’ character in Whiplash.

7. Developing the Little Girl Klaus sees: When Klaus is ‘dead but not quite dead’, he sees a young girl on a bicycle who claims to be God, or at least something adjacent to God.

8. Why/ When each of them left Academy: We know that Luther is the only one left in the Umbrella Academy at one point. This means that even though Luther is Number One, they certainly don’t leave in number order.

9. More time/ Era Hopping: Season 1 saw Klaus go back to the 60s, but we didn’t get to see lot of what happened in that timeline. Likewise, Number Five has jumped all over the place, but aside from a few isolated moments, we didn’t really see much of it.

10. JFK Assasination: There was a little nod to it in Season 1. But the JFK assassination is actually a fundamental building block of The Umbrella Academy.


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