Taylor Swift Spills Some Interesting Details About Her Upcoming Album

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift talked a lot about her new album and it’s songs. For all her earlier albums, she had adapted a no-interviews policy. But for her next album, she’s already doing a fair amount of explaining. Nothing that extends to a title or release date or anything else concrete, just yet.

In an interview Wednesday morning with Zane Lowe for Apple Music’s Beats 1, Swift talked about the sunnier tone of the forthcoming collection. It won’t come as too great a revelation to fans after the distinctly giddy “ME!” single and video were released Friday. This new music is much more playful and actually inward facing,” she said.

Swift also talked about the Easter eggs she’s laid out for fans as clues about her new music. Although she suggested that fans might be a little slower on the draw guessing what’s coming next. “There are fewer people who know the next single title,” she said.

Lowe asked,“So it’s not ‘Lover’” — the most easily guessed title. She would neither confirm nor deny. “I’m not going to break,” Swift said.

The singer said that “the Easter egg hunts, when they stop being fun for my fans, I’ll stop doing them, but they seem to be having fun with them. Swift and Brendon Urie will kick off the Billboard Music Awards.



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