Stranger Things Season 3 to get more Demogorgeous Find Out Why?

Stranger Things Season 3

The recent trailer for the next season to the series has left the patrons feeling upside-down Ellie’s transition from a punky hairdo to a teeny curl, elevating her closer to the number eleven is not the only catch. The trailer depicts the squad stepping into teenage with a fanciful Eleven and Max moment. The Steve and Dustin duo is also witnessed to keep up the glee.

The saviour of Hawkins, Chief Hopper preserves the solemnity along with a gentle but evolving bond with Joyce. Nancy and Jonathan remain teamed up as in the second season along with some plotting around the local post in Hawkins.

But it wouldn’t be Stranger Things without a few dark bumps along the ferry ride. Viewers receive a chill to the spine when Billy the Bully is shown to get a nip of the dark. This makes up for one of the episodes titled “The Bite”. We are also introduced to the demon for the season as we see him grow in front of Jonathan. Certain shots display Eleven’s encounter with the world below. The spectacle of inter-dimensional chaos along with a lightning turmoil is sure to keep the viewers perplexed.

Until then, “let’s keep this curiosity door locked?”


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