Here are all the times when Matt Lauer was in Controversy for raising his Eyebrows On Air

Matt Lauer

Following claims of “inappropriate sexual behavior,” Matt Lauer has been fired from the show. He was the host of the “Today Show”. The news that host Matt Lauer had been terminated from his position shocked the internet.

But Lauer has been accused of making feel uncomfortable and unsafe during interviews. This was quite a few times in the past. On searching from film stars to political novas all almost accused him of his behavior.

Moreover, a search into Lauer’s past shows that he has had his fair share of awkward. Also the controversial remarks towards show guests and co-hosts. Here are the events which evidently proves it:-

An awkward conversation with Anny Hathway This was while promoting the 2012 release of ‘Les Miserables’. The film Was Tom Hooper’s film adaptation of the musical blockbuster “Les Misérables,” Oscar winner Anne Hathaway stopped by “Today”to speak with Lauer. The conversation quickly changed from her star-turning role as Fantine to recent paparazzi “up-skirt” photos. These were the photos of Hathaway exiting a vehicle when not wearing underwear.

Katie Couric accused Lauer that he pinched her “on the ass”

Also in 2012, news anchor Katie Couric stopped by Andy Cohen’s “Watch What Happens Life”. Thus was on Bravo to play everyone’s favorite segment: “Plead the Fifth.” Couric and Lauer worked together on “Today” for 15 years. This was until she left the network in 2006. Among the questions, Cohen asked Couric what Lauer’s most annoying habit was. Seemed like an innocent question, right? Well, Couric did not hold back.
“He pinches me on the ass a lot,” she said. She told it after hesitating for a second.

Lauer dropped his pants in “Today” skit

In December of 2014, the cast and crew of “Today” put together an on-air skit. The skit was called “Today: The Musical!”. In the skit, many on the team sang and danced their way. This was through a typical morning at the network. At one point during the skit, Lauer bumped into a co-worker carrying cups of coffee. Moreover, He said, “I’ve gotta repress my designer slacks!” He then proceeded to take off his trousers. He had an assistant, Alex, iron them.


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