10 SHOCKING FACTS about Hugh Hefner


The original porn king of the world, Hugh Hefner lived an unapologetic life. He started off a single photograph and built an entire magazine empire. The one that is responsible for sexual awakening of many generations of men. The magazine was a reflection of his life in the Playboy mansion. Below mentioned are few things not many people knew about him:

1. He had an IQ of 152, which is considered to be that of ‘genius’ level:                   Despite of having great IQ, he was an average student. But as they say, some are book smart and some are street smart.

2. Oversuse Of Viagra may have contributed to his hearing loss:  One of his former lovers said, “He would rather have sex than have his hearing.”

3. He earned his bachelor degree in 2 and half years:                                                 US bachelor degrees usually are of 4 years. But he earned his degree in psychology in just 2 and half years.

4. Apparently, the Playboy founder was a virgin before marriage:                    Shocking as it sounds, he waited until his marriage to have sex.

5. He was an early champion of LGBTQ rights:                                                              He stood up for gay representation back in 1955.

6.Hefner served in the US Army during World War II:                                                  He joined the army as an infantry clerk after graduating from high school.

7.He made cartoons while serving in the US army:                                                          As an infantry clerk, he made cartoons for military publications.

8.Hefner holds two Guinness World Records to his name:                                  The first one is for being the longest tenured editor-in-chief of a magazine. And the second was for being the owner of the largest personal scrapbook collection.

9. He drank a lot of pepsi:              Reportedly, the Playboy editor drank 36 bottles of Pepsi in a day.

10. He once mortgaged his furniture to launch Playboy:                                              He made $600 from the sale and raised $8,000 from investors to launch the magazine.


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