Why is Jessica Jones production going through a hard phase? Here’s Why

Jessica Jones

Netflix has pulled a plug on all of its Marvel series including Jessica Jones. Due to contractual reasons Disney would not be able to revive these series until two years after their cancellation.

According to a production executive, Disney has been warned by lawyers. They must not even think about developing new content of Jessica Jones. Everything happens after crossing the two-year mark.

The third season of “Jessica Jones” will still air on Netflix later this year. The 2019 cancellations of “Jessica Jones” means development would not begin on new series for these characters until 2021. Fans may be disappointed that the Jessica Jones season 3 will also be the farewell season of the show.

Although, David Tennant, who plays Kilgrave, seems satisfied with the airtime that Jessica Jones received. In an interview to an entertainment website, he said, “I don’t regard it as cancellation so much as something having the life that it should have.” He also added that he thinks of the show as not being canceled, but living on in the memories of the fans. Showrunner Mellissa Rosenberg intends on giving the show the blockbuster ending it deserves.

Disney is launching its own streaming service in November. Officially titled Disney+, the service is set to include several new superhero shows. It will have more direct connections to the Marvel Cinematic Universe.


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