What is Morgan Freeman’s revelation to save the planet? Have A Look

Morgan Freeman

We mostly know Morgan Freeman for his acting skills. But he also seems to be passionate about a whole other activity than acting, beekeeping. The 81-year-old American actor has announced that he has turned his Mississippi ranch into a real bee sanctuary. He believes this is just one way to fight against the relentless decline that insects face today.

He came across this unique idea in 2014. In order to devote himself to his new passion, Morgan Freeman has imported 26 hives from the neighboring state of Arkansas. Set upon the lands of his Mississippi ranch, the bees have freely benefited from lavender and magnolia plants placed at their disposal. He also offers them sugary water.

Rather than making honey from these winged insects, Morgan Freeman decided to let them live freely. He pointed this out during his discussions with Jimmy Fallon: “I’m not trying to harvest honey or anything else. I just feed them. ”

The pressures on bees are multiple, parasites, pesticides, or destruction of their habitat. As a result, domestic wild species have been experiencing a disturbing decline for several years. It is more than an alarming trend when almost a third of our food depends on the bees’ pollination.


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