Is Tom Cruise Really Firing Unfit ‘Mission: Impossible’ Cast And Crew Members?


A blog claims Tom Cruise is requesting that the cast and team of Mission: Impossible get fit as a fiddle. It is to be done before they begin shooting or they’ll be fired. The story is totally made-up. Gossip Cop can expose it.

As indicated by RadarOnline, the movie star has given everybody associated with the Mission: Impossible establishment a final offer to get fit “or get out” as they prep for the following two movies in the arrangement, which are being shot at the same time. A supposed insider tells the outlet that. Cruise needs “everybody he works with to be fit and solid, in any case.”

The alleged source further says that Cruise needs to guarantee the cast and team. They should “have the energy required to make these big blockbusters”. He has even influenced executive Christopher McQuarrie into “waking up at the crack of dawn every single day and heading to the gym”. The seemingly phony source adds, “It’s his way or the highway!”

“I like to send people cakes and stuff like that,” Cruise said on the late night talk show. “I love sugar but I can’t eat it because I’m training doing all these movies, so I send it to everyone.” The movie star went on to joke that he vicariously enjoys sweets through his colleagues, adding, “I send it to the stunt team and I wait for the calls.” Corden even quipped, “This is how you look so good. You make everyone around you fat.”


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