Everything you need to know about the series based on martial arts legend- Bruce Lee

Bruce Lee

A new cinematic action drama experience ‘Warrior’ is being released. The series is about Chinese immigrant named Ah Sahm who comes to 1880s San Francisco hoping to find his sister. But his journey exploring the New World will fundamentally change him as a warrior.

Ah Sahm’s evolution will mirror that of film legend and series creator Bruce Lee. He’s a kung fu master and pop culture icon who became the grandfather of mixed martial arts.

Warrior, based on Bruce Lee’s unproduced TV pitch from the 1970s, is co-produced by Justin Lin and Lee’s daughter, Shannon Lee. Ah Sahm knows Wing Chun, a specific discipline made famous by real-life practitioner, Grandmaster Ip Man. But over the course of the first ten episodes, Sham will strip away kung fu and begin using Jeet Kune Do. Jeet Kune Do is a Lee invention allowing him to survive the mean, unpredictable streets of Chinatown.

The co-producer was an admirer of Bruce Lee, which helped him communicate with the show’s fight choreographer Brett Chan. Tropper is a veteran himself, having practiced for 25 years.

If Lee had starred in Warrior , he would have introduced a mainstream audience to Jeet Kune Do years before the UFC. But perhaps Warrior couldn’t exist when Lee tried to produce it over 40 years ago. As his daughter Shannon Lee puts it, television as a storytelling medium just hadn’t caught up to Lee’s vision.


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