Wait what!!! Did Russell Crowe pinned Moby down Have A Look At This

Russell Crowe

Moby has claimed Russell Crowe pinned him against a bathroom wall and screamed at him the first time they met. The DJ had a bizarre run-in with the Gladiator star while in a bar with the cast of Star Wars. The one which is a pretty niche night out, in fairness. The 53-year-old explains in his new memoirs, Then It Fell Apart, that he remained friends with Natalie Portman after they broke up. This with the actress bringing the cast of the Star Wars prequels to see him when he toured Australia.

Moreover, Moby wrote that he and Ewan McGregor ended up in a bar packed with Aussie celebrities. He found himself at a urinal next to Russell Crowe. He revealed this an excerpt published by the New York Post. Moby claimed: ‘He zipped up his pants and then pushed me against the wall of the bathroom and started screaming at me. Uh, we’ve never met,” I tried to say. “Why are you yelling at me?”‘ Crowe apparently didn’t explain himself and continued screaming at Moby for a minute. This before he ‘ lost interest, cursed a few times, and stumbled out of the bathroom’.

However, McGregor reportedly told Moby: ‘I wouldn’t worry about it. He yells at everyone.’ Crowe, 55, is known for his hot temper, having been charged. This was in 2005 for second-degree assault after throwing a telephone at a hotel concierge. Also being accused of brawling in the London restaurant Zuma in 2002 with a businessman – a fight broken up by Ross Kemp. And in 2016, the actor was accused of spitting on Azealia Banks during a row.


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