Tommy Lee Jones bids goodbye to the Heisei Era

Tommy Lee Jones

Tommy Lee Jones cries, says sayonara to the Heisei era in epic new Boss coffee commercial. April 30 marks as the last day of thirty-year long Heisei period. May 1 will mark as the new Reiwa era.

One company that is waxing lyrical over the Heisei period is Japanese beverage company Suntory. It is bidding a fond farewell to the era with a new commercial. It will feature the poster boy for their Boss canned coffee brand: Hollywood actor Tommy Lee Jones.

Jones has been appearing in Boss coffee commercials since 2006. He is seen playing the role of an alien observing humans in their element. Tonight, the company will be screening an epic two-minute long commercial on television for one night only. It will feature some of Jones’ best appearances over the years. The special commercial is made up of past ads featuring Jones, all tied together.

The ad begins with Jones’ 2011 Boss commercial, which shows the “cycle of meetings and farewells”. Jones is in the role of station attendant with other couple on the station. The clip also shows Jones in a 2006 ad, where he brings drinks to customers as a karaoke employee. He’s then pictured as a construction worker who remarks on the sense of accomplishment that can be felt by beings on this Earth.

Clip ends with Jones montages saying:

“It’s not easy to know what type of era was created over the past thirty years, but one thing I can say is that people worked hard in the Hesei era.”


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