EXCLUSIVE: Jessica Chastain Shares Rare Video Of Her Husband


Talk about an entertaining valentine! Jessica Chastain offered an uncommon look at her personal life with spouse Gian Luca Passi de Preposulo. She shared a funny video of her attempt to finish the viral ‘I Am Your Valentine challenge’.

The 42 year old Molly’s Game actress only shares photographs of her mate sparingly. However, she made a special case for the amusing video Sunday on Instagram and Twitter.

In the clip, Chastain squeezes her fingers together as a major aspect of the test, which sees members attempt to call their friends and family’s jaws into their palms by making a comparable motion.

Lamentably for the on-screen character, Preposulo was obviously ignorant of her intyemtions. Furthermore, he responded by gazing at her with a confounded look all over before grabbing a sack of food and offering her a few.

“Tried the #iamyourvalentine challenge with my honey, Gianluca. The internet says do this hand gesture and they’ll be putty in your hands. ?,” she captioned the post.

Preposulo even endeavored to mirror Chastain’s movements before getting up and leaving with a giggle, leaving Chastain to cry, “Noo!”

The on-screen character’s co-stars found the clasp diverting, with X-Men: Dark Phoenix star Sophie Turner remarking, “Hahahahahaha” and The Help star Octavia Spencer expressing, “So amusing.”

The Oscar-selected star wedded Preposulo in June 2017 in Italy following five years of dating.


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