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Demi Lovato starts a friendly Banter with her ex Find out who?

Demi Lovato engages in friendly banter with his ex, Wilmer Valderrama over Instagram Live. The 39-year-old NCIS actor surprised fans with a live stream on Instagram over the weekend. Demi also joined him the stream, and the two chatted like longtime besties.

“You look awesome, girl!” Valderrama gushed to the 26-year-old pop star, who returned the compliment with a laugh.

The friendly energy was absolutely tangible. The pair broke out into a silly rendition of the Baha Men’s 2000 hit, “Who Let the Dogs Out.

I’m done with work on Wednesday, so holla at your boy,” Valderrama offered playfully. “OK, I will,” Lovato replied “Thank you! So do you”with a huge smile and a cute wave.

It’s kinda cool to see such exes who can still be friends. The duo met in 2010 and dated on and off for six years before they announced their split. He was by her side when she recovered from drug overdose in the hospital.  Lovato’s mom, Dianna De La Garza, admitted to US earlier this month that she is rooting for the former couple to give their love another shot.

As the brief chat came to an end, Valderrama showed his enduring warmth for his talented ex-girlfriend, signing off with, “See you, angel. Love you!”

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