Clueless stars remember co-star late Brittany Murphy

brittany murphy

The classic movie clueless was a gem of its own. Many notable and most quotable dialogues in the movie were uttered by film’s late star Brittany Murphy. The star played Beverly Hills’ favourite fish-out-of-water, Tai. It’s approximately been a decade after Murphy’s death. To celebrate the star the clueless co-stars only have the sweetest things to say about the actress.

However, The loving star Murphy died in 2009, at age 32. Her death was under somewhat strange circumstances. Although the official cause of death was “pneumonia, anemia, and an accidental mix of prescription and over-the-counter pills.” Surprisingly five months after her death her husband, screenwriter Simon Monjack too died out of pneumonia.
On Sunday Alicia Silverstone the actress who played Cher Horowitz, Spoke at Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo. She revealed that she pushed hard for Murphy to land the role of Tai.

“That was incredible. I remember just being blown away by what she did in the room and thinking I had to tell the director that she has to play this part”
Beloved actress Murphy gave her last interview with Fox News’ Pop Tarts. Most noteworthy she did mention her Clueless co-stars.
Moreover, Just like her Clueless movie co-actors miss her, all her fans also miss our beloved Tai. Clueless stars remember co-star late Britanny Murphy


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