15 Shocking Facts About Emma Stone That No One Knows

Emma Stone

It seems the world has gone ‘La La’ for Emma Stone. After breaking onto the scene in ‘Superbad,’ Stone has strung together a series of hits. As we take a closer look at the actress’ meteoric rise, check some fun facts about Emma, Hollywood’s latest sweetheart.

1. She’s from the Southwest
Emily Jean Stone was born November 6, 1988, in Scottsdale, Arizona.

2. She had to talk her parents into letting her act
As a teenager, Stone prepared a presentation for her parents called ‘Project Hollywood’ explaining why they should let her move to California to become an actress.

3. What about that voice?
Stone believes her trademark voice came from being colicky as a baby.
4. From Emily to Emma
Stone started out acting under Emily Stone but changed her first name to Emma when she registered for the Screen Actors Guild.

5. That time she was on reality television
One of Stone’s first acting gigs was in ‘The New Partridge Family’ which she earned a part on following a competition on VH-1. Only the pilot was shot and never aired.

6. She lost out on an iconic role
Emma auditioned for the role of Claire in ‘Heroes’ which eventually went to Hayden Panettiere.

7. She was Super-good
Her first big movie break came in 2007 when she appeared in ‘Superbad’

8. She’s not a redhead
Stone’s natural hair color is blonde, but she dyed it red on the advice of director Judd Apatow and the color has pretty much stuck since

9. Other early movie roles
Emma appeared in a string of films including Zombieland, Easy A and The Help before earning an Academy Award nomination for ‘Birdman’ opposite Michael Keaton.

10. Don’t get ‘Sucker Punch-ed’
Stone was originally cast as Amber in ‘Sucker Punch’ but had to back out and was replaced by actress Jamie Chung

11. She played a comic book icon
Stone appeared in the rebooted Spider-Man films as Gwen Stacy, a role played by Bryce Dallas Harper previously. She returned to her natural hair color for the role.

12. Her leading man
Emma became romantically involved with ‘Spider-Man’ co-star Andrew Garfield whom she dated for several years.

13. Her golden moment
Emma won an Oscar for Best Actress for ‘La La Land’. She won a SAG Award, Golden Globe and BAFTA for the same role.

14. Her win put her infamous company
Stone is one of 8 actresses to win an Oscar for their musical performance. She joined the likes of Julie Andrews, Jennifer Hudson, and Anne Hathaway.

15. She topped the list
Stone was the highest-paid actress in 2017, making approximately $26 million


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