Check out 5 Stunning, Best in the business Amy Adams’s Breakthrough Performances!

Amy Adams

Amy Adams has been lighting up our screens for nearly two decades. With two Golden Globe wins and five Oscar nominations, Adams has given some memorable powerhouse performances:

1. Junebug: Without any doubt, Amy Adams owes her entire career to her performance in Junebug. She stars as Ashley, a sweet and talkative pregnant young woman. She thinks that the baby she’s having is going to fix her relationship with her husband.

2. Doubt: Adams stands out as an unsuspecting, hopeful nun. Her role is secondary to Meryl Streep’s and the late Phillip Seymour Hoffman’s, but she gives them exactly what they need to thrive in their performances.

3. Arrival: Adams is at her best in Arrival, starring as a linguistics professor brought in to communicate with aliens. There is a dash of realism and depth not often brought to sci-fi films.

4. The Master: Her character is there to uplift and dedicates herself to helping those around her. The film is little more menacing but Adams, it brings out one of her best performances.

5. The Hustle: Adams scored her first Golden Globe win for her role as a con-woman. She has mastered the art of accents and deception. It’s a stunningly complex role, and Adams is the centerpiece of the entire film, making it look easy.

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