The 5 Most Problematic ‘13 Reasons Why’ Characters

13 reasons why

“13 Reasons Why,” is a popular but controversial Netflix drama. Furthermore, it has a large cast of characters due in part to the cassette tapes. Moreover, the protagonist Hannah Baker uses them to tell her story before her suicide. Hannah makes one tape for each character. They detailed her interactions with that person and how she believes they caused lead to her suicide. Most of the tapes are meant for other students at her school. So here, we present you the list of top 5 troublesome characters in 13 Reasons Why.

1. Bryce Walker

Bryce is a famous star athlete who openly talks about his sexual activities and lacks respect for women’s personal limits. The football player sexually mistreated many people, including Hannah, her ex-best friend Jessica and his own girlfriend, Chloe.

2. Tyler Down

"13 Reasons Why"

Tyler is a photographer for the yearbook. Furthermore, he has a reputation for acting creepy. Like Bryce, he has a problem with respecting and understanding other’s boundaries. He clicks pictures of people, especially women without their consent. He stalked Hannah and took photographs of her in her bedroom by peeping into her window. He also took photos of Alex while he was in the clinic recovering from a gunshot injury.

3. Montgomery de la Cruz

He was not on the tapes, however, he is a part of Bryce’s friend circle. The reason he’s so high on this list is that he sexually maltreated Tyler with a mop. That’s the only assault he’s committed that the fans know of. However, most would agree it’s the most gruesome part of the second season.

4. Marcus Cole

Marcus is a student body leader and a young politician-in-training (in Season 2, viewers know that Marcus’ dad is running for public office). He is further representative of the negative stereotype of politicians being dishonest and manipulative. However, these are the traits he uses to convey a certain personality to whichever audience he’s trying to appeal.

5. Justin Foley

Justin is famous for being a jerk. His troublesome home life explains but does not justify his poor personality. His mother faces drug addiction, and dates a drug dealer. However, he does nothing to help with her problem. Justin struggles to stand up to Bryce. He feels as if he needs to pay the notorious athlete for all that he has done to assist him with his life at home. (giving him a couch to sleep on, food, extra clothes etc.).


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