Shocking Vanessa Hudgens goes all NUDE FACED for a photoshoot.

Vanessa Hudgens

Megastar Vanessa Hudgens is stripping it all back for a completely makeup-free photo shoot. The gorgeous former High School Musical star went totally barefaced or nude makeup-wise. This was done for People Magazine’s 2019 “Most Beautiful” issue. She gave the world a glimpse of her natural beauty. That too 10 years after she first ditched the cosmetics for a feature with the publication.

Most noteworthy Vanessa proudly posed for the camera while showing off her fresh no makeup face. She gave her many fans a peek at the stunning shoot. She posted one of the photos on her Instagram account yesterday.

In the caption, she told her that she was feeling “honoured” to be a part of the magazine’s “Most Beautiful” issue once again and called it “crazy” to be once again posing barefaced a decade after she last went makeup-free.
Her fans were full of praise for the body and self-love confidence singer and actress possesses. She also shared a whole lot of support that she received for sharing her bare no makeup face.
However, Vanessa by showing her pure no makeup side to the world has shown an immense amount of courage and inspires many people out there.



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