Exclusive Pop star Anitta reveals her most embarrassing moment on stage


The Brazilian pop star Anitta recently sat down with Billboard to play the very interesting “Fishing For Answers,”
She talked about her what’s her go-to dance move is. She also revealed who is her favourite person to follow on Instagram. Also at the same time, she revealed how she had a bathroom emergency on stage.

On asked about which dance move she most loves to do, Anitta answered Twerking. The Brazilian twerk is no different than what people do in America and she proved it by swinging her hips on the chair to twerk.

Most noteworthy Anitta also shared a hilarious story when asked with the question that what the craziest thing to happen on stage., She answered by explaining how she once pooped on the stage.
“So I was singing, and came this feeling that I wanted to poop,” she confesses with a laugh. “It was like I wanted to fart. But then I said, okay, I’m singing and I’m gonna fart. Nobody’s gonna feel it. Then I did, and I felt like the poop was coming.”

“It was like a liquid one…I felt terrible,” she continues, adding that she had to keep going for another hour of the concert after the incident.
“There was a live interview [after], ’cause it was a festival,” she continues. “So they wanted me to speak to them, and I was like, ‘Please, I need to go to the bathroom!’”


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