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EXCLUSIVE: Our favorite Snuffles might return in Rick and Morty season 4

So Rick and Morty Season 4 is about to release soon but a recent post from the show’s co-creator Justin Roiland hints at returning of a beloved Season 1 character sometime in future.

Remember Snuffles right? He was the family dog, the Smith family’s dog. He’s based on Roiland’s real-life pet named Jerry. Roiland the creator of the show wanted Snuffles to make a return to Rick and Morty since so many years. We are saying that Season 4 is the perfect time to do it.

Roiland recently shared an image to his Instagram account. In the image two very cute white dogs just sort of hanging out at the beach.

“Rick and Morty season four is happening,” Roiland wrote in the post. “It’s amazing. It’s coming.”

So you might ask Why the random dogs? To the actual fans they might remind a lot of Snuffles from “Lawnmower Dog,” but that’s because they’re two real-life dogs that inspired the character: Roiland’s pets, Jerry and Pup Pup. (To be fair, Jerry is the one credited with inspiring Snuffles directly.)

Roiland isn’t too active on social media, and he rarely posts pictures of his pets. Yet these are almost certainly Pup Pup and Jerry, even if their hair does look more overgrown than usual.

During a 2016 Omaze campaign, Roiland and Rick and Morty animator Erica Hayes designed two T-shirts featuring the dogs. The shirts were sold to benefit the organization Wags and Walks, a community of dog-lovers supporting shelters everywhere.

That’s when we got perhaps the best glimpse at what these dogs look like.

In 2015, Pup Pup was actually taken ill. When one fan started a “good karma thread” on the Rick and Morty subreddit, Roiland responded. “I expect to eventually go broke because of my love for these dogs,” Roiland said. “You wouldn’t believe what I paid to make sure this cute pup stayed alive.”

Roiland’s love for these pups is no joke. He called them his “best friends” in an Instagram post last year. (Don’t tell Dan Harmon or Elon Musk!) It would then make a lot of sense that Roiland might want Snuffles to make a comeback on Rick and Morty.
Shortly before the bulk of Season 3 began airing on July 2


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