Why does Angelina Jolie plan to give all her assets to her Adopted Child?

Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie is planning to leave her $116 million to adopted son Maddox, leaving her other five children out of her will. The reports say, the 43-year-old ‘has plans to put Maddox in charge of her movie empire’.

Her production company, Jolie Pas, has grossed over $116 million at the box office since 2014. The publication also alleges that her ex Brad Pitt is ‘fuming’ over her decision. Its films include the Oscar-nominated hit “Unbroken” and the 2015 flop “By the Sea,” which starred Brad and Angelina.

“Brad is in an absolute fury and fit to be tied over Angie’s moves!” spills the insider. It finally seemed like they were reaching some kind of compromise with the divorce. But he’s been blindsided by this mess over Maddox! Now, he feels like his other kids are getting the shaft, and he won’t allow that!”

Nang Lay, a 65-year-old member of the Cambodian Buddhist Temple of Long Beach where Angelina visits. He claims that Maddox will take over the production company as well.

If this wasn’t enough, Angelina has filed legal papers to restore her Jolie surname. She has been declared single by a judge, even though the couple’s divorce has yet to be completely resolved.


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