Top 5 Scarlett Johansson Movies One Must Watch!!

scarlett johansson

Scarlett Johansson is a 34-year American actress and singer. She is one of the world’s highest paying actress. From her first role, she blew up and got role after role making her star grow even bigger. Here are the top five Scarlett Johansson movies that you cannot afford to miss.

1. Prestige: She had a supporting role in the film as Olivia an assistant to both magicians a lover to one. Scarlett Johansson character brings in an aspect of similarity in the two rivals. She also pulls of a very convincing British accent.

2. The Avengers: Although this is not her first run as the black widow, Scarlett’s character really shines in this superhero movie. Natasha Romanov is a highly skilled Russian spy who teams up with the other heroes to save the word from the villain.

3. Her: “Her” is a romantic science fiction drama film. Johansson plays the voice of the AI named Samantha. Theodore and Samantha develop a relationship that goes further beyond that of a man and his computer. Imagine yourself falling in love with ‘Alexa; or ‘Siri’ and you have an idea of the direction the movie is talking.

4. Lost in Transition: Scarlett Johnsson plays Charlotte, a young college graduate and wife to a celebrity photographer. While her husband is on assignment in Tokyo he leaves her lonely and alone in the hotel where she befriends an older man. The movie played of Scarlett’s strengths showing by her as subtle, sweet, funny headstrong innocent and intelligent young woman.

5. Match Point: Scarlett plays Nola Rice, a struggling actress who is engaged to Tom, a wealthy man from a very affluent family in London. Tom meets Chris a retired tennis played and they become quick friends and begin dating.


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