Here You Can Know All The Breath-Taking Stunts Of Jackie Chan

Jackie Chan

Jackie Chan is a Hong Kong cop Inspector Chan Ka-Kui. Or Kevin Chan depending on how dodgy your dub is in this non-stop actioner. The one that sees our plucky hero go to extraordinary lengths to take down crime lord Chu Tao (Chor Yuen). Culminating in this extraordinary running beat ‘em up through a busy shopping center.

Moreover, the huge number of glass panes shattered. This was in the making of the film earned it the nickname “Glass Story” among the cast and crew. But glass wasn’t the only thing that was broken – Jackie was too. In the climactic stunt to the shopping centre sequence. The one which sees him sliding down an elaborate multi-story light fixture. Our guy managed to sustain second-degree burns to his hands and dislocated his pelvis upon landing.

Project A (1983)

Jackie was hugely influenced by silent comedians such as Harold Lloyd and Buster Keaton. He pays tribute to them both in this 19th century-set caper. It sees him and fellow martial arts legend Sammo Hung take on a band of evil pirates. This was in Hong Kong harbor. As you do.
Moreover, the film’s standout stunt sees Jackie hanging off a clock tower a la Harold Lloyd. But in true Jackie style, he takes it further. While Lloyd only hung from the clock face in the 1923 comedy Safety Last!. Jackie actually falls, plunging through two canopies to thud painfully to the ground. Apparently, it took him over a week to build up enough courage to do the stunt. Proving that even Jackie is only human.

Police Story 4: First Strike (1996)

The old rubric of who would win in a fight between Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan has one answer. It depends on the location. In the ring, Chan’s in trouble, but in a construction site, or shopping center, or a Bunnings, Jackie has the edge. Much of the appeal of Chan’s elaborate fight sequences. It lies in seeing how he employs whatever’s handy – tools, furniture, vehicles and more – to take on his adversaries.

Who Am I? (1998)

Sometimes it doesn’t take a lot of elaborate choreography, jumping, dodging, parrying, and playing around with props. Also sets to impress. Sometimes all you have to do is take Jackie Chan and fling him down the side of a skyscraper. Which is exactly what they did in Who Am I?. It seems our hero play an amnesiac special forces operative caught up in globe-trotting intrigue.

Armour of God (1986)

AKA: The One That Nearly Killed Him. In point of fact, almost all of Armour of God, which is Jackie’s answer to the Indiana Jones movies. It is packed with monumentally impressive stuntwork, as you can see from the above trailer. However, its most famous stunt didn’t make the final cut. That’s because Jackie almost died doing it. Leaping nimbly from a parapet to a tree, Jackie managed to snap his target branch. It plummets to the ground, fracturing his skull and driving a piece of it into his brain.

He’s fine now, of course. But what’s funny is that it was a relatively straight forward stunt that went awry. Really, you’d expect something like the scene. This is where he literally parachutes onto the gasbag of a hot air balloon to be the one to end in disaster. But no – that one went off without a hitch. Some people are just lucky.


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