8 Ways to Expand Consciousness Outside of Your Relationship


Sometimes you find yourself in a situation when you can take only one right decision or make only a certain act. For example, it’s can be about registration on the single women dating site. But, as it turns out, life is much wider than your perception. How to be able to see different opportunities, to accept new (previously unknown) points of view and develop your potential?

Dreams, symbols, insights, and visions come from the subconscious, which is the source of creativity, intuition, inspiration, and inner knowledge. Moreover, inside the subconscious, reality shifts and expands, creating a matrix that is much more multidimensional than the mind “tells” us. When we follow our deepest desires, listen to the voice of inner knowledge, the best changes happen to us, and new opportunities appear. We gain freedom.

1. Leave your comfort zone

As one writer said, “Life begins where the comfort zone ends.” Do not be afraid to feel insecurity; do not be afraid of mistakes or wrongdoing. There are no wrong decisions; there is only the experience. It helps to develop and reach new heights of knowledge as well as expand consciousness. Moreover, your brain will start working differently when it exists in the new conditions of reality.

2. Listen to binaural beats if you find it difficult to meditate on your own

Such beats are different frequencies of sounds that, when listening, shift brain waves. A person hears those sounds, the frequencies of which are absent in reality (it sounds scary and mysterious, but the beats lead a person to a meditative state). You can download them to the player and listen to them during the day or at certain periods, for example, before bedtime.

3. Do not be afraid of your feelings

It is necessary to express both positive and negative feelings. Any emotions don’t last forever, but they return until the person learns from the experience. If you suppress your sincere and genuine emotions, this state locks the door of the inner world and prevents you from expanding consciousness. You must learn to appreciate each experience and realize that everything that happens at a certain moment is given to you as knowledge for the development of your personality.

4. Set aside the accepted norms

Even your personal growth is not the main and decisive goal in life. If you want to become better to find a partner, or to prove that someone is wrong, or to earn more money, you will always be stuck in the development process. Your desires will be determined by what your partner wants or what your work, religion, society, family, etc. requires. Give up all these aspirations and direct energy only inside yourself since all life secrets and answers are hidden there, and there is a true way of understanding the world. Live in the moment, not in the process of becoming happy tomorrow.

5. Identify the meaningless things that you attach great importance to

It can be both tangible and intangible things. Do not pay much attention to insignificant events, thoughts, conversations, people. You do not develop at this moment. If you are attached to clothes, household items, and you constantly control your appearance, home, relationships, etc., a state of tension and a sense of possessiveness do not allow your internal processes to work. Let go of what is happening and fantasize. Express your personality through clothing, home improvement, interaction with people.

6. Meditate

Have the bravery to watch and think about what is happening around. It can be nature, people, animals, art, etc. Internal conversation and analysis will help you look at yourself from another side as well as clarify the real-life situations. This is an important step that will help expand consciousness. Acknowledge your issues and look for solutions. In addition, meditation is a great way to start this process, and daily exercises for 30 minutes will change the mindset.

7. Trust your gut and develop it

Listen to the timid inner voice and follow it. If you feel that today, you shouldn’t go to a meeting, then postpone it. If something tells you to take an umbrella with you in the morning, do it. You will be pleasantly surprised when you realize that your gut does not let you down. Our subconscious is an amazing thing. You will understand this when, over time, your gut will turn into a deep and fundamental knowledge that will become your guide.

8. Get rid of an inner block

We all have so many blocks in our heads that prevent us from expanding consciousness. For example, it’s about being condemning towards yourself and others, inability to forgive and accept reality, constant returns to past or bitter experience. Get rid of all emotional and energy blocks! Break down the walls! Doing so, you will clear your mind, and it will start functioning at higher frequencies.


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