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Why is PUBG so addictive? Here’s The Reason Behind

PUBG is an online multiplayer battle royale game developed and published by a subsidiary of South Korean video game company.

Amazing facts about PUBG –

  • PUBG is so popular that gamers have bought  a virtual bandana nearly worth 1000 $.
  • The number of players which played PUBG  simultaneously records for 1,342,857 beating record of Valve  Dota 2.
  • Playing DAYZ a mod for ARMA , led to Brendon interest in modding.
  • In late August 2017 , PUBG became the best selling game on a single platform for 2017.
  • PUBS  allows players to record gameplays with cinematic camera views not limited to just simple gameplay. However, great cinematic footage too!
  • BlueHole Studios didn’t invested any money for advertisement of PUBG.
  • The game has partnered with Microsoft as Distributor .PUBG   xbox one x version would be released soon with more awesome cinematic graphics.
  • A PSN Profile Forum user has spotted game files including steam content id on the Sony Servers. Further, with content id code for North America and European Server.
  • The game set the unbelievable record of reaching 1,342,857 of total concurrent players.
  • Reload your guns and have the best weapon in hand before you decide to engage your enemies.
  • In a game, you have to be alert, but with all the action going on, you may miss something even a few seconds late.

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