6 Questions ‘The Umbrella Academy’ Season 2 Needs To Answer


Bits of gossip have been whirling about a potential second season for Netflix’s breakout new superhuman series The Umbrella Academy since its debut.

You can’t censure fans for being restless, seeing as how the show’s season finale finishes on a truly weighty cliffhanger. Showrunner Steve Blackman revealed to SYFY WIRE he has a lot of thoughts for future seasons.

Until we get the opportunity to see the outcomes, however, here are 6 of the greatest mysteries we’re left with after Season 1 of the addictive new superhuman show.

1. Where, and when, did the Hargreeves kids travel back to?

The Umbrella Academy, Five (Aidan Gallagher)

The season finale closes with the Hargreeves’ occupant time-traveler, Number Five (Aidan Gallagher), taking the whole family back in time so as to allow them another opportunity at halting the end times (or, actually, is it their third shot?). On the off chance that they’re simply hopping back to the start of Season 1 of The Umbrella Academy, otherwise known as eight days sooner, that could give crowds a genuine instance of history repeating itself. If not, how far back might they be able to possibly go?

2. Will they show up as their adult selves, or as kids?

The Umbrella Academy

On account of a genuine erroneous conclusion, the first run through Five goes back to avoid the end of the world, he appears in his 13-year-old body (in spite of being 58 when he made the hop). Which brings up the issue: is something very similar going to happen to the remainder of the family? The Umbrella Academy finale prods us with a concise shot of Numbers One through Seven.

3. Is Cha-Cha still alive?

Umbrella Academy - Cha Cha (Cha Cha's Hit List trailer)

We definitely know her ex-accomplice Hazel in The Umbrella Academy (Cameron Britton) had the capacity to get away from the end times with his new sweetheart (Sheila McCarthy) at the last possible second, making a trip back to some up ’til now to-be-resolved period. Last we see of Mary J. Blige’s Cha-Cha in any case, she was being burned attempting to make a gather call — which is about as obvious of consummation as it gets. Except if…

4. What happens to Vanya?

The Umbrella Academy

The significant spot of The Umbrella Academy Season 1 isn’t only that Ellen Page’s Vanya has powers — it’s that she winds up being so ground-breaking, she causes the end of the world in any case.

5. How did Ben die?

Justin H. Min in The Umbrella Academy

We’re told at an early stage that the passing of Ben, otherwise known as Number Six, is the reason the family at last disbanded. Also, we can expect that Ben  in The Umbrella Academy kicked the bucket as a grown-up. It is because his determinedly adult apparition (played by Justin H. Min) appears to Klaus (Robert Sheehan) all through the season. Past that however, the conditions encompassing his demise are as yet anybody’s conjecture.

6. Will we ever see the other 36 children?

The Umbrella Academy
It’s one of The Umbrella Academy’s most captivating components. The reason that one portentous day in October 1989, 43 ladies around the globe conceived an offspring. Notwithstanding the way that none of them had been pregnant negligible hours sooner. Colm Feore’s Sir Reginald Hargreeves had the capacity to get (read as: buy) seven of these kids. Be that as it may, shouldn’t something be said about the other 36?



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