7 shows you must binge-watch if you liked ‘The Umbrella Academy’


While we patiently await the return of Academy, we have singled out 7 more Netflix shows that should watch right now if you enjoyed The Umbrella Academy.

1. Altered Carbon: Set well over 300 years in the future, Altered Carbon depicts an eerie world where death can be avoided.

2. The Order: The Hermetic Order of the Blue Rose is arguably an even better name for a group than The Umbrella Academy. The secret society is something that you’ll want to get the full low-down on as you traverse through the series.

3. Maniac: It is a story of jaded individuals who undergo a strange and thoroughly experimental trial. ‘Things do not go as planned,’ the synopsis teases. Time to find out why, then!

4. The OA: Secrets, mysteries and questionable research methods are a big part of this artfully-shot seriesm. The lead grapples with the new-found abilities and responsibilities that after she went missing for seven whole years.

5. Stranger Things: The show deals with a healthy supply of monsters, alternate dimensions and the compelling development of bunch of teens.

6. Gotham: The lead attempts to tackle crime and corruption in the titular city. Also there’s loads of origin stories and familiar characters from the Batman comics.

7. Diablero: In the show, the city is inhabited by demons.Fortunately, though, a group of very capable individuals have taken it upon themselves to impose order and kick some demon butt.
























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