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6 unsolved mysteries in 13 reasons why!

6 unsolved mysteries in 13 reasons why!

13 Reasons Why is an American series which whirls around Hannah Baker suicide tapes and also around Clay Jensen.

6 unsolved mysteries in 13 Reasons Why –

  • Why did Hannah pick Tony? –

One of the biggest unanswered questions we’re left with is why, Hannah picked Tony to carry out her after-death prayers.

  • What really happened to Alex in 13 Reasons Why? –

Throughout 13 Reasons Why, Alex is one of the several people who feels lonely over his role in Hannah’s suicide. Further, his guilt eventually leads him to try persuading everyone on the tapes to confess what they’ve done.

  • What’s the deal with Tyler? –

Tyler’s transgression against Hannah was one of the most insidious in 13 Reasons Why. repeatedly stalked Hannah and took photos of her without permission, presumably due to his unrequited crush on her.

  • Where did Justin go in 13 Reasons Why? –

Justin has the unfortunate distinction of being the only classmate of Hannah’s to be featured on more than one tape. Though it’s hard not to feel for him after learning about his difficult home life.

  • Will Bryce ever face the consequences of his actions? –

Yes, Bryce. If we’re pointing fingers at the show’s worst villain who played the biggest role in Hannah’s suicide, Bryce Walker would be public enemy No. 1. Not only does he frequently harass Hannah throughout the series, but he commits two rapes.

  • Does Jessica get the help she needs in 13 reasons why? –

Hannah’s onetime friend, Jessica, spends the majority of Season 1 facing down her own demons. Jessica is unable to forgive Justin for his lies and struggles to come to terms with the assault in 13 reasons why!

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