5 Mind-Blowing ‘Futurama’ Facts That Will Surprise Even Longtime Fans


These realities about Futurama may astound even long-time fans of the energized series. Much the same as Fox’s other extraordinarily well-known series The Simpsons, their previous hit show Futurama was made by Matt Groening. The series made its presentation in 1999 and kept running for four seasons on the platform before being dropped. So here are some of the surprising facts about the series.

1. The Theme Song Was Inspired By A Tune Called “Psych Rock”

Futurama’s main theme was composed by Christopher Tyng. Furthermore, it bears a striking similarity to the song “Psyché Rock” by French music artist Henry Pierre. The songs are so alike that the Futurama musical theme basically is just another remix to Henry’s work. The music has also been edited by Fatboy Slim, which is even more close to the Futurama version.

2. Getting The Show On Air Was A Difficult Process For Matt Groening

Matt Groening and his crew over on The Simpsons have the liberty to most of the times govern themselves. However, getting Futurama aired was a different story. When enquired by Mother Jones in 1999 about getting the show released, Groening said, “It has been by far the worst experience of my grown-up life.”

He further explained that “The second they ordered it, they completely freaked out and were afraid the show was too dark and mean-spirited and thought they had made a huge mistake and that the only way they could address their anxieties was to try to make me as crazy as possible with their frustrations.”

3. John Dimaggio Originally Auditioned For Professor Farnsworth Using Bender’s Voice

Making sense of what Bender would seem like wasn’t a simple task for the people responsible for Futurama. Would it be a human voice or something more combined like Robby the Robot from Forbidden Planet? The team tried out handfuls and many voice entertainers trying to locate the ideal Bender, with no karma.

4. Writer Ken Keeler Invented A New Theorem Just For The Show

Notwithstanding Cohen, Futurama is staffed by a list of Ivy League graduates with foundations in science and math. Be that as it may, while keeping in touch with one scene, the staff had made a plot so unpredictable that the group before long wound up confused.

5. The show’s Use Of Foreshadowing Is Intense

Futurama touts something other than science and math cred. The show is infamous for leaving pieces of foretelling in scenes that result from weeks, months, or even a long time not far off. It happens after Fry is leaning back in his chair that would “accidentally” fall over and send him into the cryogenic chamber, leaving him shocked out in the 31st century.


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