Why should you watch Peaky Blinders?

peaky blinders

Peaky Blinders is a British crime drama television series chiefly set in Birmingham, England the aftermath of World War I.

Cillian Murphy stars as Tommy Shelby, is the protagonist of the show!

Amazing facts about the Peaky Blinders –

  • Knight claims his family were part of the Peaky Blinders, although they were called the Sheldon’s instead of the Shelbys.
  • Tommy Shelby might be fictional. However, Billy Kimber and Darby Sabini were very much alive and active.
  • In the show, you see flashbacks of Tommy as a tunneler in WW1 along with Danny “Whizz-Bang”.
  • It’s well documented that David Bowie was a massive fan of the show. Further, Cillian Murphy sent him a flat cap from the show.
  • The Shelbys needn’t worry about going to hell because according to series one director Colm McCarthy.
  • Peaky Blinders earned their name because they sewed razor blades into their caps to blind their victims.
  • McCrory was dreading the Peaky Blinders Birmingham premier because of her Birmingham accent.
  • Jason Statham was keen to have him on board – although he never said what role he had in mind.
  •  Michael Gray and John Shelby are brothers IRL, but Fin actually has Joe to thank for the part.
  • The bits that are shot in Birmingham, are filmed at the Black Country Museum.
  • The series will call it a day when the air raid sirens of WW2 sound.

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