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Some Interesting Facts About The Last Kingdom? Check it out!

Some Interesting Facts About The Last Kingdom? Check it out!

The Last Kingdom is a British historical fiction television series based on Bernard Cornwell’s The Saxon Stories series of novels.

Interesting facts about The Last Kingdom –

  • King Alfred really was the ruler of Wessex during this time period, having ascended the throne in 871.
  • The Battle of Cynwit gets the latter treatment. The scenes surrounding this event are mostly accurate. Further, this appalling Anglo-Saxon victory was a crucial win for Wessex.
  • On the show The Last Kingdom, Danish forces expect to hunt an untrained and vulnerable opposition. The British are easily crushed at their first meeting with the Danish, and Uhtred’s father is killed.
  • In The Last Kingdom, the show depicts the negotiations for peace between Ubba and King Alfred.
  • Aethelflaed was a fierce and mighty warrior queen.
  • The show’s writers have included some very colorful colloquialisms in their dialogue. Even the vulgarity in The Last Kingdom is spot on. In particular, the act of “plowing a field” is an entendre in use today.
  • Asser was extremely close to the king and would become his biographer.
  • The death of the East Anglian ruler is an incredibly dramatic scene in the show. Edmund has been captured by the Danes; he’s executed with a volley of arrows; and dies a painful death.
  • Ubba is a powerful Viking who was listed as a son of Ragnar. He was commander in the Great Army that threatened to overtake Anglo-Saxon Britain
  • Guthrum was the real-life Danish king who waged war against King Alfred. He leads the Viking invasion that is the primary subject matter of the show.

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