What? Now An Netflix Movie Can Win An Oscar? Seriously?


Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has voted not to change its rules for winning an Oscar. So it’s a win-win for Netflix, Amazon Prime, and similar platforms. They won’t face a tougher road to the Oscars next year.

The Academy’s Board of Governors said that a movie has to run in a theater for only seven days in Los Angeles to qualify for the win. It includes three screenings a day for paying customers. Films can be released via other media on or after the first day of that theatrical run.

“We support the theatrical experience as integral to the art of motion pictures. This weighed heavily in our discussions,” Academy President John Bailey said in a release.

Netflix’s “Roma” almost won an Academy Award for best picture this year. Some critics accused the company of undermining longstanding industry practices on screenings. They said that streaming movies shouldn’t be considered for Oscars. This should happen only when they also have a traditional run in theaters.

The academy did make some changes in other areas. The foreign language film category, for instance, will now be called the international feature film. So next Oscars will judge every project equally and then declare winners.


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