Top 10 ‘Rick and Morty’ Moments! Check it out!

Rick and Morty

Rick and Morty is an adult animated science fiction sit which is full of weird, funny, bizarre and creepy moments. However, what are the best moments from the show?

Here are the top 10 moments from Rick and Morty –

  • The introduction to Mr. Meeseeks – Season 1, Episode 5, “Meeseeks and Destroy,” is the episode that really made us fall and laugh throughout.
  • Morty’s Realization about Life and death – In Season 1 Episode 6, “Rick Potion #9,” Rick royally spoils up. Further, ends up wrecking their world by turning everyone into monsters.
  • The ‘Goodbye Moonmen’ Song in ‘Mortynight Run’ – This was one of the best and funniest thing on the show.
  • Everything about ‘Get Shwiftly’ – The song “Get Schwifty” has no ‘meaningful’ implication within its lyrics but that doesn’t mean it’s any less amazing or perfect!
  • Rick saving Morty in ‘A Rickle in time’ – This was a massive moment of character development for Rick. Moreover, it’s the first time we really see Rick willing to sacrifice himself in order to protect Morty.
  • The glitch ‘M. Night Shaym-Aliens’ – This was one of the hilarious episode of all the seasons. Further, spooky too!
  • Rick’s suicide attempt ‘Auto Erotic Assimilation’ – After Rick rekindles a relationship with an old flame, a world assimilating entity known as Unity.
  • Roy ‘Mortynight run’ -This was one of the most suspenseful episode of Rick and Morty.
  • Pass the butter ‘Something Ricked this way comes’ – Sometimes, the smallest and simplest jokes are the most memorable.
  • The Parasites almost win in ‘Total Rickall’ – “Total Rickall” is one of the best episodes ever, partially because of the visual complexities in scenes like this one. Every character is kookier than the last.

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