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Rick and Morty Season 4 Characters Finally Revealed Have A Look

Rick and Morty Season 4 Characters Finally Revealed Have A Look

Rick and Morty is returning with its Season 4. It is a tradition like none other. Season 3 was not on par with the returned characters. Still, one fun recurring character per season is an entirely reasonable goal to set. But this time fans have a list of the characters they want to watch in this time from season 3.

1. Lawyer Morty: Lawyer Morty is one of the most irrepressible sources of joy and goodness in the Rick and Morty universe. First introduced at the Citadel of Ricks, all this little dude wants to do is play with his Pogs and hopelessly mangle the law.

2. Jaguar: One of the many interesting characters introduced in “Pickle Rick,” Jaguar is an incredibly dangerous assassin. He just wants to get his daughter back. It’s no wonder that he and Rick get along.

3. Dr. Wong: Dr. Wong is undeniably the most powerful character. So, it must take someone even more special to break down the inner-workings of his mind.

4. Noob-Noob: Noob-Noob is the janitorial helper for superhero superteam The Vindicators. Noob-Noob wants to help in their world-saving efforts but more often than not, there is a mess to be cleaned up.

5. Kiara: Kiara is a perfect one-off character. She represents the ultimate “rebound” girlfriend. She’s approximately 7-feet tall, absurdly athletic and shredded, and also just happens to have three boobs. By dating her, Jerry Smith is making it absolutely clear that he is desperately trying to make his wife jealous.

6. The President: The President has the potential to be one of the show’s goofiest running gags. And that’s saying a lot on this show.

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