5 Shocking Things Revealed in ‘Game Of Thrones’ Episode 3 Trailer


The War Of Winterfell is going to see some major death as Game Of Thrones gets fierce with its longest battle ever and most dangerous fight to date. With the last season promising that nobody is protected, you can put down your wagers now that we’re going to lose some friends and family.

However, while the trailer alone made them dread for GreyWorm and Brienne of Tarth, it likewise gave us a gesture about what might be on the horizon. Here is a portion of the essential pieces of information we know about the upcoming episode.

1. Arya on the run

While Arya (Maisie Williams) has never been in a war, she has proved herself to be quite a warrior. However, her mission might be totally different than being on the battlefield. In former trailer Aftermath, Arya was viewed running through some underground tunnels with a burning torch.

Furthermore, in one brief scene, she was seen again, in the same tunnels, for the upcoming attack. Now we kind of know the reasons behind her worrisome run. However, she could be seen running with motive rather than panic. Despite she’s clearly distressed, Is she going to attack the White Walkers by surprise with an underground tunnel?

2. Beric’s flaming sword and the Hound

Beric Dondarrion (Richard Dormer) and his burning sword were viewed in battle along with The Hound (Rory McCann) as the attack gets underway. Standing together underground, while Beric has his sword all ready, The Hound looks panicked. It’s pretty much a certainty that one of these people would die.

It is because they are by themselves rather than shoulder-to-shoulder with the remaining of the army. All it would take is a few White Walkers to observe them and they could easily be overpowered and killed.

3. Brienne’s life is racing against the clock

We’ve said it previously yet it bears rehashing – our dearest Brienne is living on less time, as being on the forefront of Winterfell’s War isn’t actually the most secure spot for her. Her passionately steadfast character has been given the acknowledgment she urgently needed structure her friends in scene two – when Jaime Lannister knighted her, making her the principal lady to ever be given the respect.

4. The Night King Is Missing In Game Of Thrones

With the dead reaching to Winterfell – where is their leader? His absence has us a little confused if we’re honest. He’s the main character after all. Furthermore, this could mean a lot of things for the episode going forward. He’s either not there, and rather focusing on a different approach with another army. Moreover, something major could be occurring between him and a member of the series (like Bran, who’s literally waiting for him to pick him off).

5. The crypt In Game Of Thrones is not as safe as they hoped

‘The crypt is the safest place in Winterfell….Trust us, nothing will happen to you there…You can bet your bottom dollar on it’ — is a stupid thing to say/imply on Game Of Thrones.

It’s such a common rule in The Game Of Thrones – if you say something is totally safe, then it’s pretty much a guarantee that it is not safe.


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