5 Mind-Blowing Facts About Luke Cage’s Body


Luke Cage is considered to be the best street-level hero. He is a combination of enforcer and a private investigator. Furthermore, his rank in Harlem makes Cage a hero with the largest connection to his neighbors, even when compared with Daredevil over in Hell’s Kitchen.

Luke got his powers when a prison experiment went haywire. Here are some mind-blowing facts about the hero’s body.

5. He Can Withstand Iron Man’s Repulsor Beams

Luke Cage can run head to head with Iron Man, regardless of whether he’s deficient in reinforcement. Right off the bat in the first Power Man run, #17, he squares off against Tony Stark when he accidentally breaks into Stark Industries for another customer.

The fight between the two is flawlessly coordinated in quality and build.

4. His Skin Has A Titanium-Level Durability

The most well-known similarity used to portray Luke Cage’s skin is as solid as steel, yet the genuine solidness is nearer to that of titanium.

He’s been recorded various occasions taking shots at essentially point clear range. They all ricochet directly off of him. The equivalent goes for blades, lances, and crossbows.

Additionally, inside his wheelhouse are an incredible number of hazardous powers. He’s been on the base of obliterated structures, on the wrong side of a coordinated projectile, and focused by rocket launchers. These impacts abandon him enraged, yet without decreased battling limit. His skin, muscles, bones, and organs are dense to the point that a laser must be utilized for the medical procedure.

3. His Skin Can Be Punctured By Vibranium

Vibranium is the most wanted of all the Marvel metals and because of its amazingly unique properties, it is also capable of piercing Luke Cage’s skin. Before opening communication with Wakanda, Vibranium was considered to be metal only observed on extraterrestrial technology.

Many fans believe that a Vibranium alloy is the heart of the Judas Bullet. Furthermore, he is Cage’s kryptonite on the TV series.

4. He Is Vulnerable To Head Trauma

Luke Cage’s head is another reason for his vulnerability. Since he doesn’t work with a helmet like his companion strongman Juggernaut, his head is perhaps his greatest weakness, both from a psychological and traumatic perspective.

Concussions are a major concern for someone in Cage’s field of work.

5. His Weight is 425 Pounds

We have to give Mike Colter some credit for bringing back to life this super-sized hero. Furthermore, the Marvel database tells that Luke Cage is six feet, six inches in height and weighs 425 pounds.


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