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Which Anime Should You Watch This Summer?

Do you want to know which anime should you watch next? Get ready, because this rundown will talk about the best animes ever! While American cartoons are all about action and adventure, or creepy kids doing weird things, the best anime series have more depth and a deeper meaning you can discover. In the realm of anime, nothing is impossible. Furthermore, if you’re willing to try hard to achieve your goals, you will eventually make it.

Therefore, we have compiled this list of the 5 best anime of all time that you will want to see this summer.

5. Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

It is considered as one of the best anime series for adults. Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood is about two brothers’ who are in search of a philosopher’s stone. They searcg for it after an attempt to revive their deceased mother goes wrong and leaves them physically deformed. It’s a very satisfying series that manages to stay interesting and engaging throughout its sixty-four-episode run.

4. Future Diary

The series has one of the most fascinating stories we have ever seen in anime history. The protagonist of this series is given a diary that can tell the future. Furthermore, he is thrown into a battle with eleven others where the last survivor turns to be a God. Sounds pretty cool, no?

3. Naruto Shippūden

Naruto Uzumaki is a loud, hyperactive, young ninja who always searches for approval and recognition. Furthermore, he wants to become Hokage, who is considered as the leader and strongest of all ninjas in the village. The story is absolutely beautiful and has some amazing fights combined with deep emotion. Moreover, the unpredictable story changes will blow your mind.

2. Sword Art Online

In the year 2022, gamers across the world have lined up on launch day for Sword Art Online. It is a hotly anticipated MMORPG that allows players to connect to an immersive virtual reality realm with special helmets called Nerve Gear. Kirito is one such gamer who is excited to jump back into action. Furthermore, he has spent a great deal of time as a beta tester and quickly becomes companions with newbie warrior Klein. What happens next? You will have to watch the series to see what makes this a top anime!

1. Death Note

This very thrilling and dark anime series has been voted the best anime of all time in Japan. One of the things many hardcore fans find interesting about Death Note is that the protagonist isn’t your cliched good guy, like your everyday stereotypical hero. The fact that this anime series goes where few others have hardly dared to go in terms of a moral theme is definitely one of the compelling reasons you’ll find this series so intriguing and enthralling.

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