Watch out the sizzling video & secret behind Iskra Lawrence hotness!


Iskra Lawrence has delighted fans once again by sharing a new behind-the-scenes video. This is of her multiple bikini shoots while on a luxurious work trip. The trip was in the Maldives.

Moreover, the social media star is known for being a body positive role model. Also, something that she admitted hasn’t always been easy. This was in an interview with Harper’s Bazaar.


However, the British-born model persevered, and now boasts 4.4 million followers on Instagram. In addition, she has walked in New York Fashion Week. Also has a lucrative contract with American Eagle lingerie line Aerie.

In the interview, she shared her advice to fans. She said, “Regardless of what industry you’re in.

You’ll get doors shut in your face and so you have to be your number one fan. For any setbacks, you have just known that there is something out there that’s right for you, just maybe it’s not that. Have faith that everything gets better, but you do have to try.”

Furthermore, Iskra elaborated on the concrete ways in which she creates success. She expressed, “At the beginning of every year I create a plan… covering everything I want from my career, to my everyday life goals, to be better energy, to create positivity within my friendship groups – all of those things.”

Although, the video that Iskra posted is certainly brimming with energy and positivity. In the first shot, she sports a neon yellow bikini with white stripes. Lawrence then playfully shimmies to the song “There She Goes” by Taio Cruz.

In the next clip, she models a peach bikini while on a beached catamaran. As a behind the scenes video, it captures the professional photographer snapping away. The next clip shows Iskra emerging from the water in a white, brown, and green striped bikini. Also with a ruffled edge.

Further, Lawrence then adds some sizzle to the video by cutting back to the neon yellow bikini. Then emerging from the water doing a hair flip.

However, it is not long before she returns to the green striped bikini and showcases her curves. This by posing lying down in the shallow waters on the beach. The pose was in solo From Here to Eternity style. She occasionally frolics in the waves. But a majority of the clips are ones where she lounges in sultry poses in the waves.

At the end of the clip, she poses in a group shot with her friends. This including fellow plus-size model and bestie Natalie Gage.



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