Kate Middleton is recycling her ensemble once again Have A Look

Kate Middleton
We all know Kate Middleton is known for re-wearing her stylish wardrobe. This year her eastern outfit was no different.

On Sunday, the Duchess of Cambridge wore a light blue Alexander McQueen coat to the church service at Windsor Castle. This was the same coat she wore on Easter in 2014. It was the time when she and Prince William were in Australia.

Although this year, Middleton added a bit more sparkle to her ensemble. It was done with the help of a brooch and the earrings. These same earrings she wore on her wedding day in 2011.

So one can easily say that Middleton has been recycling her clothes since a very long time. Although her Husband doesn’t follow this routine. Nevertheless, there is nothing wrong with changing clothes right?

Kate Middleton became a member of the British royal family by marrying the elegant Prince William in 2011. William who is 36 is the queen’s grandson and second in line to the throne.


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