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10 Unknown facts about Emma Roberts That I Bet You Wont Know

emma roberts

Emma Roberts joined Hollywood when she was little. There is also a lot of possibility that she got projects easily. She had her aunt, Julia Roberts and father Eric Roberts in the industry. Below are some unknown facts about her which fans must know.

1. She is super close to her aunt: She’s related to Julia, but that the two have a very close relationship as well.

2. She released an album: She unleashed her vocals on her former Nickelodeon show Unfabulous. She released her album called Unfabulous and More and it surprisingly reached number 46 on the Billboard charts.

3. She has her own book club: She also has a book club. She and a friend decided to start their book club called Belletrist which also has a social media page.

4. She is also a writer: Although she has stated she’s not sure she would ever get anything published, Emma does enjoy writing. She loves to write a book of essays or short stories.

5. She auditioned for her debut role: She had to audition just like everyone else. Her first role was in the movie  Blow alongside Johnny Depp. She was only ten at the time and she played the younger version of Jaime King’s character.

6. Her Mother wanted her to delay being an actress: Emma’s mother warned her that she should wait until she was older.

7. She had legal issues with Peter Evans: Emma got trouble with the law in 2013 after crossing a line during an argument with Peters. Apparently, she gave Peters a bloody nose and he had bite marks on him.

8. She has been on best-dressed list: She made it onto Teen Vogue’s Best Dressed list. It started happening in 2008 when she dyed her hair so dark.

9. She eats what She Wants, when She Wants: She literally is big foodie. She does not believe in diets. She tries to go to the gym when she can and enjoys doing yoga.

10. She is not a party girl: Emma Roberts has never been party girl. She likes to hang out with friends in private.



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